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Unfortunately we have no great story to tell. Our recipes are not passed down from our great great grandmothers, and despite months of a jamon & saucisson only diet, we have been unable to trace even a hint of Spanish or French blood in any of us.

So what do we base Croquetteman on? Basically our lifelong obsession with Croquetas and Croquettes, in fact, anything that you can cover in breadcrumbs and deep fry. We are united by a serious gastronomic curiosity and a bizarre love of these crispy balls of gooey ecstasy. We believe that so far we have only scratched the surface of what they have to offer the culinary world!

Our mission is simple - give the people what they want!


What we do

Croquetteman started in 2017 by catering events. Based on those successes we are now expanding and are in discussions with a number of street food markets. We could well be coming to a location near you soon so keep your eye on our social media

We can cater events of any size and can work with you to design a complete street food experience. Just give us a call on 07817 664 713 or fill in the form below

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We love to hear from potential clients, street food events, feastivals, festivals or just anyone who loves croquetas as much as we do!

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